Most Popular Parenting Blogs and Parenting Bloggers of 2019

We have another list post for you! You know the drill. This time, I’m going to use NinjaOutreach to prospect the top blogs for another lucrative niche that’s as enduring as life itself—parenting.


For this article, I used Google Trends to check general search stats for parenting.

I set the filters to show global results from 2004 to present in all categories.

Now, I see the top locations that have searched for “parenting” overall, and I can see also the top related topics and queries.

The top related query, “parenting classes,” is apparently about programming, so let’s ignore that.

However, results two and onward, seem more relevant.

After crossing out other irrelevant results and looking at the commonalities between related topics and queries, I intuited the top issues most searches about parenting were about.

  • Attachment parenting
  • Parenting styles
  • Positive parenting
  • Bad parenting
  • Foster parenting
  • Parenting books magazines resources
  • Parenting plan
  • Single parenting
  • Authoritative authoritarian parenting

So now, I have several keywords to work with.

Next, I’ll search for the trending articles related to these keywords using NinjaOutreach. Then, I’ll check the SEO and social media stats of the blogs behind those top articles to find which sites have more authority and audience engagement.

Note: For the keyword “parenting plan,” the best sources I found were law and official government blogs, which does not fit this article’s general parenting theme, so I will not be including suggestions based on this keyword.

So, back to NinjaOutreach Content Prospecting, I searched for top articles about the topics that I already listed, starting with attachment parenting.

For every search, I excluded all companies from the results. This is just to help filter against blogs from mainstream corporate blogs.

I also filtered the results to have a minimum domain authority of 30.

Finally, I set another filter to organize my results according to number of shares per post. That way, the articles that have more social media shares show up top.

I will use this same process to find the top articles and blogs for the other topics. But of course, I will modify whatever needs modifying when I hit hard walls in my research.

Once I have my list, I will then manually whittle them down to fit our “best of” list.

Now, let’s see what I found!

1. Developmental Science

Domain Authority: 31

What could be a more authoritative blog about parenting than one written by a developmental psychologist? This blog, managed by Diana Divecha, Ph.D., contains commentary about various research on parenting and children’s development. Dr. Divecha, among other things, is also a research affiliate with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, where she works on research for bullying prevention.


What is a Secure Attachment? And Why Doesn’t “Attachment Parenting” Get You There?

2. The Natural Child Project

Domain Authority: 64

The non-profit Natural Child Project describes itself as a resource that: “covers information and advice on all aspects of ‘attachment parenting’ (raising children with respect and trust), unschooling (trusting the child to set the ‘curriculum’), and child advocacy (including documents from children’s advocacy organizations around the world).” The site’s team is headed by project director Jan Hunt, a psychologist and member of several associations advocating attachment parenting and the prevention of cruelty to children.


The Parenting Magic Words

3. Pinky McKay

Domain Authority: 40

From breastfeeding, establishing sleeping habits, to calming unruly kids—for those pressing questions related to raising newborns into well-adjusted toddlers and beyond, this blog by International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Pinky McKay is the place to go.

4. Aha! Parenting

Domain Authority: 60

Aha! Parenting is edited by Dr. Laura Markham, a Clinical Psychologist from Columbia University. The blog is all about breaking off from traditional, authoritarian parenting and offers advice on “gentle guidance” and “positive discipline.”

5. Parenting Science

Domain Authority: 54

Parenting Science blog, founded by Gwen Dewar, Ph.D., (an evolutionary anthropologist) is a parenting resource for “people who want to understand child development from the perspectives of psychology, anthropology, evolution, and cognitive neuroscience.” For Dr. Dewar, people do not need nor want to be preached to about parenting and promises that the blog will only focus on delivering fully-referenced, evidence-based articles, so readers can dig deeper and draw their own conclusions.

6. Evolutionary Parenting

Domain Authority: 43

Evolutionary Parenting was founded by Tracy Cassels, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist and Program Director of Reaching for Rainbows, a non-profit dedicated to providing social and emotional development support for vulnerable and at-risk girls. The blog contains science-based articles, product reviews, and analysis of all things parenting. There is also a coaching and consulting option for parents.


Domain Authority: 37

DevPsy is a blog that dates back to 2003 and was founded by physics grad turned developmental psychologist K. H. Grobman, Ph.D. Despite the fact that this blog was made to be an ultimate resource of all things developmental psychology for students and practitioners, the content is still invaluable for parents who want to learn science-backed parenting.

8. The Attached Family

Domain Authority: 40

The Attached Family is the online blog extension of the print magazine, Attached Family, both of which are the publication arms of the non-profit organization, Attachment Parenting International. As its name suggests, the Attached Family blog is chock-full of articles, videos, and other informational materials about the parenting style of attachment parenting.

9. Attachment Parenting

Domain Authority: 59

Attachment Parenting blog is the online home of non-profit organization Attachment Parenting International. It contains an array of articles and resources about attachment parenting organized according to a child’s developmental age. The blog also publishes news and announcements related to the organization, its events, and other causes.

10. iMOM

Domain Authority: 54

iMOM is founded by Content Director, Susan Merrill, and has a dedicated team managing it. iMOM delivers parenting support in a comprehensive package, with advice for managing parent-child relationships, marriage, and all other relationships that contribute to a healthy family life overall. iMOM even has a section for adoptive parents.

But perhaps one of iMOM’s most notable features is its kid-friendly movie reviews section, with recommendations from other parents. As a bonus, there are also free printables.

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