India’s Top 5 Parenting Bloggers

Are you a stay-at-home parent with a few hours of free time in hand? Or are you a struggling new parent who could use some stories of other parents and how they overcome their struggles? In either scenario, you have ample reasons to look up these top bloggers in India.

These top bloggers share their parenting experiences and impart their wise advises on these blogs. They lament about the difficulties of parenthood, but they also write about amazing things their babies did and share their joy and pride. On the whole, these virtual spaces go one step beyond average parenting websites and give you real parents’ real experiences.

For instance,, a blog by Swapna Thomas, is for every woman who is striving to be the best mother she can be for her little ones and rediscovering her own identity in the process. This blog chronicles parenting tips, product reviews, fun activities for kids, birthday party, decor ideas and interesting tidbits for parents. She says in her blog, “From a fledgling blog it has now become a work-from-home career for me.. Even better has been the experience of connecting with thousands of mothers to form a like minded community.” has won India’s best Parenting blog award by Indiblogger.

Swapna Thomas is not the only one. To know who the other top blogging parents in the country are, read through this ClipBook. And maybe, you might get inspired to blog too!

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